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Shosence Aromatherapy Eco Shower Bathroom Appliances EcoPower

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Shosence Aromatherapy Eco Shower Bathroom Appliances EcoPower
A multifunction eco shower with aromatherapy that provides numerous beneficial and relaxing effects for the skin thanks to its scent cartridges (jasmine, lavender and lemon) and its mineral components (maifan, zeolite and tourmaline). The stones enhance a mineralised antibacterial activation and act as an eco ionic filter (negative ions that soften the water and improve hydration). The maifan stones filter the heavy metals, enhancing the beneficial minerals in the water. The zeolite stones filter the impurities from the water and help to regenerate the skin's pH. The tourmaline stones increase the oxygen level and soften of the water. The lemon, lavender and jasmine fragrances produce an invigorating and relaxing effect, they are interchangeable and optional, and the eco shower can also be used without the scent cartridges. This environmentally friendly shower head is universal and very easy to install. In addition, it helps to save water thanks to its pressure, it respects the environment and cares for the skin's health, as it reduces water hardness and the need for the use of gels and creams. Recommended for sensitive skin. Ideal for preventing infections, dermatitis, etc. Material: ABS Innovative and functional design Type: Multifunction Eco-friendly Universal Filtration of negative ions 3 types of minerals (natural stones): tourmaline, maifan, zeolite 3 interchangeable scent cartridges: jasmine, lavender, lemon Beneficial effects Antibacterial activation Invigorating, hydrating and relaxing effect Helps to regenerate the skin's pH Increases the oxygen level of the water Filters out impurities and heavy metals Softens hard water Prevention of infections, dermatitis, etc. Recommended for use on sensitive skin Saving water through pressure Reduces the use of gels and creams Easy to set up Approx. dimensions: 6.5 x 21 cm


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Great products and service. My wife is really pleased with her gift! Thank you!  

I saw your advert on my Social Media page and just had to have it! A great decision! Thank you so much!

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